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About Us

From humble beginnings in 2002 to a complete fulfilment house, we manufacture, print and design custom apparel for the Australian consumer. Sportswear is where we started, custom apparel is what we do.  

We pride ourselves on customer service and consistently delivering quality and comfortable apparel in a timely manner.

If you need it made, printed or designed, we've got you covered.

Direct to garmet printing (DTG)

Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG printing is the process of printing on textiles and garments using customized inkjet technology. Digital printing requires speciality inks that are applied to the garment directly and are absorbed by the fibres.

• No minimum orders!

• Full colour, photographic quality printing

• Quick turnaround

• Soft finish on prints

• Personalised t-shirts at an affordable price

What makes digital printing unique?

Our Kornit Storm II DTG printer produce the highest quality digital prints and a great finish. They also use eco-friendly, biodegradable inks which adhere to strict industry standards so all our inks are safe for the environment. 

How long will my t-shirt prints last?

With a bit of love, your tee will last years. We recommend you wash your t-shirt inside out with cold water and hang out to dry. 
Definitely, no bleaching and best to keep out of the dryer.

How does digital print feel?

All our inks are waterbased so they are soft to the touch and because it's digitally printed you have a nice even print.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a method of printing on garments and apparel where ink is pushed through a design that has been cut out of a piece of cloth (screen) and stretched across a frame. Each colour requires a new screen.  The garment or apparel is then put through a heat tunnel to cure the ink.

• High-quality durable prints

• Suitable for all kinds of apparel including t-shirts, bags and other promotional material

• Extremely cost effective and economical for large orders


Why choose screen printing?

Screen printing is the perfect print method for large orders, unique products, prints requiring vibrant or speciality inks, or colour matching specific Pantone values. Screen printing has fewer limitations as to what products and materials can be printed on. The fast run times can make it a very economical option for large orders. However, the initial setup can make it expensive for small runs.

How long will my t-shirt prints last?

In most cases, the print can outlast the t-shirt, with all printed garments it's best to wash inside out and do not use bleach.


Create Apparel - for all your custom design apparel needs. 

Amazing Service

It's our amazing service that allows us to print thousands of t-shirts each and every week across all formats of printing. Don't ever hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have.

Apparel Experts

We don't like to brag, but we are t-shirt printing experts, it's just that simple. Mark and the team have been printing t-shirts for over 20 years. 

Always Best Prices

Because we print so many t-shirts right here in Sydney every day, we can offer Australia's best prices on all forms of custom t-shirt printing.

State of the Art Printing

We use the highest quality Kornit Storm printers, so you can order with confidence knowing the t-shirt you design will be the one that arrives on your doorstep. 



At Create Apparel we believe in ensuring that every process we take does not leave a negative impact on our beautiful planet.

We only source products and that are ethically made and our print process has zero wastewater. 

This enables our print-on-demand approach to apparel printing to lead the way in sustainability.


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