Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Experience vibrant state-of-the-art screen printing. From custom designs to vibrant colors, we bring your vision to fabric with every print.


What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is an artful craft that weaves your imagination onto fabric with few colors. We pride ourselves on mastering this detailed printing technique to provide you with a canvas for your creativity. Screen printing can capture complex details and bold, vibrant colors to ensure your design looks just as you imagined.

The process of Screen Printing involves creating a stencil, known as a Screen, for each color in your design. These screens are then carefully aligned with the fabric, whether you have chosen a t-shirt, shirt, hoodie, or other product. Then, we use special Ink to print carefully using Squeegee, transferring your design with precision and vibrancy. After the process, your printed product goes through a tunnel dryer to ensure your print stays cured for as long as possible. 

With Screen Printing, your clothing becomes a canvas for self-expression. You're not just wearing apparel; you're wearing a piece of art that reflects your personality, style, and creativity.

Custom Screen Printing Specialists

Want to Elevate Your Style with Screen Printing? Unleash your creative design with our Custom Screen Printing with Vibrant and long-lasting prints. When defining your unique style, trust in the artistry and accuracy that sets us apart. Your design deserves the best – discover it here.

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Custom Screen Printing in 5 Simple Steps

Product Selection

Select your product from our vast range of t-shirts, hoodies, singlets, or other products of your choice. 

Design Creation

Create your design with our free online designer tool, or you can upload your design. Our team will collaborate closely with you to bring your ideas to life.

Ink Selection

Choose your ink colors carefully. We recommend selecting a minimal, bold color palette for the finest product outcome. Our team will guide you if you need help with choosing the palette.

Tunnel Dryer

After Screen printing, your product goes through a tunnel dryer. This ensures that ink cures perfectly, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints.

Quality Delivered to Your Door

Your custom screen printing product is ready to be delivered to you or your customers with the finest quality  assurance.

Look How Create Apparel Looks From Inside

Take an inside look at Create Apparel

Take a tour inside our brand to learn how we deliver you Premium Quality Printed Products from using the latest technological innovations like Kornit Storm printers, Kornit Direct To Garment machines & our own Direct to Film printers to delivering your product with immense care.

And also, watch us how we print your design from scratch to the result. 


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Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Create Apparel, environmental responsibility is knitted into the fabric of everything we do. We've taken a bold step towards sustainability by using eco-friendly, biodegradable inks that adhere to the strictest industry standards. Every design we print meets the highest quality standards and takes a responsible stance on environmental impact.

We believe in fashion that doesn't compromise on ethics or sustainability.

With Create Apparel, you're not just wearing a garment but making a statement for a greener, more responsible world. Explore our collection and join us in making a positive impact, one eco-friendly choice at a time.


Discover What We Craft For You

Discover Our Other Range of Services

Explore our diverse array of services designed to cater to your unique needs. From Screen Printing to Embroidery, we offer a broad range of customisable options to help you craft your style effortlessly.

Upgrade your style with personalised fashion with our diverse customisation options.

Screen Printing FAQs

What's the minimum order quantity?+

Our minimum requirement is 50 items, making it ideal for larger projects and bulk orders. This ensures you have the flexibility to bring your creative ideas to life without limitations.

How long will it take to complete my order?+

We generally require 7 business days for bulk screen printing to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail in every order.

How long will the print last?+

Our prints outlast when you take good care of the product by following our guide for longevity. We recommend using Cold Water for washing, turning the garment inside out, line drying, and avoiding any bleach.

Are the inks used in screen printing eco-friendly?+

At Create Apparel, we use eco-friendly, biodegradable inks that adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring safety for both the environment and your skin.

What is the pricing for screen printing services?+

The pricing for screen printing varies based on elements like the number of colours in the design, the number of items, and the garment type.

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